New to Elkton

Meet Rev. Eric Warner

I’m so grateful to be the pastor of such a missional church as Elkton United Methodist Church. We are made up of people who want to be the hands and feet of Christ in our beloved community of Elkton. I moved from Ohio to Maryland in 2007 and began fulltime ministry as a youth pastor. I then fell in love with the United Methodist Church and was ordained in 2017. My heart for ministry has always been the greatest commandments of Matthew 22:36-40 to love God and love our neighbors. This passage reminds us that all the Bible can be summed up in these two commandments. Therefore, my heart for my church is that we’d be out in the community serving, loving, and giving – that we’d be ambassadors for Christ in this broken and hurting world. I hope you might consider joining Elkton United Methodist Church to fulfill such a mission to share the good news of the gospel by the words we speak and the lives we live.

New to Elkton UMC


For our new members and those looking for a church in Elkton,  please go to our YouTube page where you will see links to every Sunday worship service this year available on demand.   After watching, we hope you will consider joining our church family

If you have questions or seeking information on how to become a member of EUMC you can fill out this request form or call the church office and speak with Pastor Eric directly.